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2016-2017 Officers

Matthew Valliere, President
Avis Gray, Immediate Past President
Angela Chalk, President-Elect
Dr. Gina Lagarde, Vice-President
Mittie Rohner, Treasurer
Janet Merritt, Secretary
Jamie Roques, ARGC (APHA Representative)

Standing Committee Chairs:
Avis Richard-Griffin - Advocacy/Policy
Doris Brown - Communications/Public Relations
Dr. Takeisha Davis - Membership/Partnership
Avis Gray - Awards and Nominations
Dr. Gina Lagarde - Educational and Program

Section Chairs:
Dr. Marilyn Reynaud - Health Administration/Medical Care
Jovan Bernard - Nursing
Tyra Granderson - Environmental Health
Anna Goodwill - Office Professionals
vacant - Laboratory Services
Knesha Rose - Health Promotion/Health Education
Sonja Thomas - Retirees
vacant - Behavioral Health Services
vacant - Food and Nutrition
Dr. Jude Haney - Health Infomatics & Information Technology
Miquelle Phillips - Student 

Nomination of Officers are accepted between February 10 and February 15. Click here Nomination of Officers page.