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Monthly Health Highlights

Check out our new "Monthly Health Highlights" page for information on health topics; new articles will be featured each month.

2018 LPHA Annual Educational Conference

‚ÄčThere Will Be No On-Site Registration!!!

The 70th LPHA Annual Educational Conference "Public Health Our Future is Now: Learning from the Past and Present to Improve the Quality of Life For All" will be held on April 11-12 at the Holiday Inn Downtown-Superdome on Loyola Avenue, in New Orleans.  Please visit the 2018 Annual Conference page for up-to-date information.

2018 Annual Membership Application and Renewal

The annual membership year begins on January 1st.  You can apply or renew your membership by completing the form on-line, printing the forms and sending it in with your check or money order.  More...

Same Day LARCS at the Rapides Parish Health Unit

The Office of Public Health-Region VI is excited to share a pre-screener of the same-visit video case study of the Rapides Parish Health Unit by the National Family Planning Training Center.   Click here to access the video.

Newsletter Article Submission Deadlines and Publishing Dates

The following schedule is being established for submission of articles, pictures, announcements, etc. to be included in the LPHA electronic newsletter to meet the projected publishing dates:  

  • Due Date:   August 31st - Publish Date:   September 15th
  • Due Date:   November 30th - Publish Date:   December 15th
  • Due Date:   February 28th - Publish Date:   March 15th
  • Due Date:   May 31 - Publish Date:   June 15th     

E-mail newsletter submissions to busmgr.lpha@yahoo.com and they will be forwarded to the Public Relations Chairperson (Doris Brown).

2018 Scholarship Applications

LPHA is now accepting scholarship applications from LPHA members and/or eligible family members. Please go to the SCHOLARSHIPS page for more information. The deadline for receipt of applications and supporting documents is March 1st.

2018 LPHA Awards Nominations

2018 LPHA Awards nominations are now being accepted; the deadline for receipt of nomination forms is March 1st. Click on AWARDS page for more information.

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