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2017 LPHA Annual Conference 

“Public Health is Everybody's Business”


"Improve Access to Care to Improve Health Outcomes" - Presenter:  Alma Stewart, RN, MS 

"St. Helena Parish Healthy Communities Project"- Presenter:  Bianca Plant, MPA

“Improving Health Outcomes - A National & State Perspective Because Health Equity is Everybody’s Business”Presenter:   Johnnie (Chip) Allen, MPH

“It’s More Than Smoke Signals--Effectively Communicating With American Indian Clients” -  
Presenters:  Lanor Curole and Crystal Williams

“Key Elements of the Louisiana ALICE Report” -  
Presenters:   United Way - Ginger Lecompte, Corleen Rouly, Jason Huffman, and Valerye Boles

“Impacting the Health Environment One Well Spot at a Time Through Well-Ahead Louisiana”
Presenters:   Robin Rhodes, Margaret Durand, and Elizabeth A. Gollub

“St. Joseph Water System Event” -  
Presenter:  Jimmy Guidry, MD

“Environmental Epidemiology--Investigating the Health Effects of Environmental Hazard Exposure in Populations and The Private Well Initiative”  -  
Presenters:   Darcie Olexia, MSPH and William “Clay” Trachtman, MS 

“Environmental  Justice for All?!!!  Disparate Effects of Pollution on Vulnerable Populations”
Presenter:   Mary I. Williams, M.Ed

“Emerging Diseases, Why?” -
Presenter:  Gary Balsamo, DVM, MPH

“Zika/Pandemic Flu/Ebola Update:  The Role of Public Health in Emerging Infectious Diseases”
Presenter:   Frank J. Welch, MD

“STD/HIV Crisis in Louisiana” -  
Presenter:  DeAnn Gruber, PhD, LCSW 

“The State of Public Health--the Present & the Future” -  
Presenter:    Melinda “Mendy” Richard, MT (ASCP), LSS MBB 

“Health Information Exchange and Health in Louisiana” -  
Presenter:    Clayton Williams, MPH